Monday, May 01, 2006

Exhibition 20/21
curated by Goran Petrović
artists Vladimir Radišić, Ivan Grubanov, Nikola Pešić, Dejan Kaludjerović, Siniša Ilić
time May - September 2005


Belgrade - Zvono Gallery

Krusevac - the National Museum

Nis - Contemporary Art Gallery
Pancevo - Cultural Center

The exhibition 20/21 focuses on a creative work of younger generation of Serbian artists that were growing up and developing in the specific surrounding of our newer history, from 1995 to 2005. That was the period of time when the position of 'art in closed society' lasted and ended with confrontational socio-political outcome on October
5th, 2000.
While travelling in 5 cities, the traditional forms of artistic expression like drawing, painting or sculpture, have gradually been replacing with the new media forms: billboards, press, video and Internet.

The artworks this project includes would be best described as a reaction and a problematisation of the mass media, advertising and propaganda, also problematizing actual social, political and cultural topics.

Exhibition view
Zvono Gallery Belgrade 2005

Vladimir Radisic
Untitled #3 (2003)

Ivan Grubanov
Testimonies (2002)

Nikola Pesic
Milky Way (2002) & Fallen Angel (2002)

Nikola Pesic
Black eye (2002)

Dejan Kaludjerovic
Bite a carrot, Bunny! (2004)
From the series The Future Belongs to Us I

Sinisa Ilic
Mickey and Goofy (2005)

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